How to bypass account login/firmware update page


  • USB Micro cable to connect OUYA to PC.
  • drivers ( If on windows) - such as from the android SDK. One person says, “installed Android Studio and went under setting to the SDK manager. There I turned on the Google USB driver” Let me know what works for you!).
  • Most people find that using an ethernet cable to connect OUYA to internet is far better than Wifi.

Connecting to the community server

  1. OUYA needs to be powered on
  2. Connected to your computer
  3. Needs to be showing up as an MTP device (install drivers if it doesn’t): unknown
  4. When you can view the contents of the internal storage like this: unknown2
  5. Go get my (128 Bytes) file and drop it into the “Internal storage” drive
  6. Go back to your OUYA mouse/controller/keyboard
  7. Reboot your OUYA for good measure
  8. Get past update screen (if needed) and on the Account page, select “Existing account” and type in anything for the username and password
  9. Apps should begin working, if you have any issues launching your apps, you can try disconnecting from the internet (ethernet and wifi) to force your OUYA into standalone mode

Disconnecting from the community server

If you don’t want to use the community server anymore, simply delete the file that you dropped into the OUYA Internal Storage and it’ll begin trying to contact the Razer server again.


What kinda drivers do i download???

Honestly, it worked for me without drivers. If it doesn’t just work for you automatically, you’ll need some “android” related drivers that allow your computer to see the OUYA device as shown in screenshot 1.

Is that what sdk is?

Ya. And hopefully that works easy for you :slight_smile:

Thanks really appreciate it

help it doesnt work still, ive tryied your walkthrough and seen other videos it still doesnt wanna connect

Check out the chat I sent you. I think that if you can’t get it working using ethernet and a couple more reboots, you’ll have to flash it to the latest firmware. Alternatively, we could try out another way of auto-upgrading your firmware, but you’d have to wait a week or so for me to even be ready to test it out.

@szeraax Couldn’t people just use a thumbdrive to copy the file onto and then use filepwn or es file explorer, etc, to copy the file to their OUYA’s internal storage?

Thus negating the need to connect the OUYA direct to PC.

Nope. They can’t get past the login screen. :slight_smile:

Ohhhhh right. I didn’t put that together. I’ve been sick as a dog the past week, my brain is mashed potatoes. :face_with_thermometer:

This worked great, thanks! Few notes, maybe handy for other users:

  • The first time I couldn’t connect the Ouya to my Windows 10 pc. I changed the cable (normal phone cable) to the one of my Shield Tv, and that did the trick. Also, first connect the cable, then boot the Ouya.
  • I also got ‘can’t find’ domain errors. Connected the Ouya to the ethernet et voila. Wifi has always been crapy on the Ouya.
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Warning: Changing the DNS server does not work! The correct solution is the /etc/hosts update some posts below.

If you have a factory reset OUYA the config file is not enough, because OUYA’s setup seemingly does not use the configuration file. You will be stuck at the “network selection” screen.

The solution is to override DNS entries for and

  1. Access your internet router’s web interface

  2. Change the DNS server to

    Alternatively, add manual hostname mappings:
  3. Finish the OUYA setup

  4. Change your router’s DNS server back to the original value

I changed my DNS on my router (fritzbox) but I keep getting stuck at the network selection with the same error message. I installed the latest firmware as offered by S-config.

I don’t understand what you mean in step 2. I don’t find this option in my router to set hostname mappings.

Probably I should use your

Instead of the one from OP:

After modifying the DNS server in your router, you need to reboot the OUYA (or switch to static IP and then back to DHCP, but rebooting is faster).

Overriding single Hostname-IP-Mappings is not possible with a FritzBox.

I don’t know what I do wrong. I rebooted my ouya already 20 times even with pulling the plug.
In my fritzbox i did set the ipv4 DNS to Still the no network error. But I see on the ouya the DNS is still the internal fritzbox dns, so I set this one also to Now on the ouya I see this DNS but it doesn’t work. What should I do? Set the network connection on the ouya to a static ip and give it this DNS?

First check it if works on your computer by running “ping” and “ping” on the command line. It should show the IP If not, then your router does not have the new DNS server.

You can try to change the DNS server on the ouya itself, but I do not think that it will work. First keep the network connection on DHCP, note down the ethernet adapter settings (ip, netmask, router) and then switch to static, enter the previous settings and change the DNS server. But that did not work here, so I do not think that it will for you.

I can perfectly ping to and but the ouya keeps complaining about my internet connection. I have to say, when I ping, it takes a long time before it starts to respond (approx 15 seconds), so maybe the ouya gives up to soon (approx 3sec).

You need to get that down to way below 15 seconds. I also think that’s the problem.

ConnectionTestFragment.CheckForActiveNetwork::run waits for 5 seconds until it sees the connection as failed.

I tested your

on another ouya and got the message that the connection to is refused.